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Through a series of acquisitions, J. Paul Getty took ownership of the Spartan Aircraft Company in 1935. Getty, who inherited his father’s oil business and parlayed it into a sizable fortune, became the richest man in the world.

The management of Spartan knew first-hand that rich oil executives wanted speed, comfort, and luxury; and that they were willing to pay for it.

Only 34 Executives were produced.

With a starting price of roughly $23,500, the pool of potential customers for the Executive was limited to corporations and very wealthy individuals. Sixteen were sold to oil companies; nine to other corporations. Two were sold to private individuals.

When the U.S. entered World War II, sixteen Executives were purchased from their individual owners for use as transports under the military designation UC-71. At the end of the war, most were re-purchased by the original owners. Unfortunately, however, two were destroyed in accidents while serving in the military.

Colorscheme by Maj. Numbskully
3D model by jeffpn
Physics by dhk79, mostly

This model complete with working yoke, pedals, and throttle control.

Optional brass pole included.

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