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SR-71 (with After Burner and Turbo) Mod_AV

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This my AV of Flip3d's SR-71 Blackbird that can go as fast as Mach 2.7 (around 2000 Mph)!

-When I first started to modify this plane, I found out that RF is only capable of Mach 3 because when any plane hits that speed RF will cut the engines so I left a good speed gap to hopefully not have that issue
-I also added a Spy camera that can see things at high altitudes

-I believe I fixed the problem about the plane where the plane wants to Yaw right because the plane has to engines on the left so I did the engine all over again to fix that


-5 Spy Cam Zoom

-6 After Burner

-7 Retracts

-8 Flaps

-9 Brakes


This variant requires:

SR-71 BlackBird_EA
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