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And you thought motorcycles were dangerous before? How about slapping some wings on one and calling it a sport aircraft? As far as futuristic vehicles go, a flying motorcycle ranks pretty high on the improbability scale. But that’s not stopping Samson Motorworks, a California-based company, from developing the Switchblade, a very sharp-looking convertible vehicle that transforms from road-worthy motorcycle to sky-riding light aircraft.

Modeled for RealFlight by Doug Kaye (DHK79). Converted to G3 by Bryce Ring (HX3D014), so don't blame Doug ;)

RealFlight Aircraft Specifications:

Eight Channels-





Flaps - Controlled by the rotary knob on the InterLink.

Retractable Wings - Controlled by the 2-position switch located on the top right of the InterLink. With the wings folded, the Aileron and Elevator will operate like a joystick for surface motion.

2 additional channels used for surface motion.

Dual Rates- Controlled by the 2-position switch located on the front left of the InterLink.