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Sea Cruise integrates a twin engine Amphibian with a Cabin Cruiser so you can fly anywhere and take your logging with you. The cabin is smart home certified with an entertainment center that includes a 60 inch HDTV, Blu-Ray player, and 4G Cellphone service connected to on-board Wi-Fi so you're never out of touch. There's a pantry with a Microwave oven on top and a combo over and under cook top refrigerator. Push the red button at the bottom of the flight deck and the stairs rotate down to provide access to the lower deck where there's a full bathroom, electric generator, and storage areas (not modeled). After your flight you can relax in twin recliners at each side of a king sized bed. At $425,000 she hits the sweet spot you're looking for, so don't delay pre-order yours today.

NOTE: This release is RF 6.5, RF 7.5, and RF-X compatible.

I need to give special thanks to Doug Schluter for all the help he gave me on the physics. Flying boats are a different ball game and he did lots of work on this one, so thanks Doug.

Wingspan: 120 inches
Engine: Two OS FT-160 Twin 4-Stroke
Prop: Sbach 18x10 3 Blade


All the flight controls follow the radio controls and the pilot camera also moves with the flight controls. The plane has a highly detailed cabin area so be sure and checkout all the camera views.


I'm a bit different on the controls so here's how it's setup.

Gear DN: 3 position switch towards you
Gear UP: 3 position switch in the middle
Smoke ON: 3 position switch away from you

Flaps: Channel 6 rotary knob
Brakes: Activated by up elevator

NOTE: The landing gear must be UP for water take off.


F4 - Cabin Forward
F5 - Cabin Left
F6 - Cabin Right
F7 - Deck
F8 - Pilot Seat
F9 - Plane Front
F10 - Plane Left
Plane Right Camera - Select using the View Camera Type menu.

Plane Design: technoid
Physics Design: doug schluter and technoid
Color Scheme: technoid
Dashboard Gauges: technoid and doug schluter
Fun Factor: A flying Cabin Cruiser

I also want to thank the guys on the developer forum they're
always there when I need help. So thanks guys.

doug schluter
uncle twist
Maj. Numbskully
adrenoline 60

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