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UFO - JFF ( Just for FUN)
An old file from a backup of RF G3 I'm told. Not sure who the author was. I located it thru a reference on this sites forum while searching for 'UFO' and after watching a youtube of TR-3B.
There was only a graphic and a fuselage (not a single visual) with all the 'flying surfaces' constructed thru the RF editor.
I used the graphics but changed all the physics including wing shapes, airfoils, placement, balance. It was originally configured with helicopter mechanics, that was replaced with thrusters (20+) and 4 gyros. I say this only because I am posting this as an EA instead of a VA (or variance) because of the extensive mods. I can then submit the file with a new color scheme attached. Also … when trying to upload as 'AV" , the aircraft was not listed in this database.
The following is contained in the Description and Designer Notes of the File:
Original Description: I just wanted to see, given the components in G3, if it were possible to make a UFO. I think I succeeded in this. Lylo -a.k.a. wilf -21-Jul-06... Enjoy My son made the saucer for me. Didn't have time to do this.
PilotAT6 Note : TR-3B Antigravity Aircraft is rumored to exist ... found this graphic and gave my hand at making it act antigravity. Not knowing the full extent of antigravity performance, this is my best guess!

OPERATION ... 8 Ch. Tactic Interlink X ;
Dual Rate: System On/Off
3 Position Sw; Pulse drive/Main Drive/Warp(Mach) Drive
Rotary: Camera(s) Left/Right
Gear Sw: Forward/Vertical
Right Slider - Contrail smoke quantity
Model does not make much noise. The belief is, whatever propulsion is used is stealthy. With that in mind, with system on, the 'antigravity' system hums and get a little louder as power is applied. This sound goes silent as forward speed approaches 100 MPH. Another sound emergizes during deceleration ... takes a lot of protons/electrons etc., to slow this baby down from 1700+ MPH. The other noise you hear is during vertical mode. Just wanted to know when it was on !!!!
Throttle - First half is hover operation, then transitions into Forward flight based on the power mode of 3 Position sw. During forward flight, when reduceing the throttle to hover, the automatic deceleration thruster is engaged.
Pulse ( slow ) 0 to 250 MPH ; Main : 0 to 500 MPH ; Mach(Warp): fast to 1700 MPH (More below)
Vertical Sw.: Turns forward flight into pure vertical ... go straight up to avoid obstacles.
Noise and smoke momentarily appear when crossing 650 MPH
Smoke Contrail appears past 300 MPH adjustable with Ch 9 (Left Slider) from none to max. Added so I could see it when going fast and getting far away.
Somewhat aerobatic if you like to see a disk flopping about. Will hover straight up or straight down, spin vertically ( Aileron) or horizontally (rudder) while hovering. Using the vertical mode, you can move horizontally while hovering using aileron for turning, elevator for up down ( up = Down), and rudder will spin vertically.
Does not like to fly in reverse. after it reaches ~15 MPH in reverse, the deceleration thruster will engage and do a fancy (awkward) movement to turn it around and fly forward.
Just for Fun !