V-22 Osprey Large Scale US Navy Blues_CS

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Just goofing off and made another CS for a fun flying large scale V-22 from Stewybaby and original CS by sterlingbaydave. Thanks for a great flying EA. I know its not exact, or even something that exist, but hey I'm in Pensacola the home of the Blues, and like I said just playing. Enjoy!!!

Sorry to the few that downloaded early I forgot to add the blues logo.

For those of you who don't know or have commented.The Blue Angels are Navy, but Fat Albert (C-130) is a Marine aircraft. The Blues are made up of both Navy and Marine pilots. The V-22 is flown by the Marines and Air Force, and as far as I know not the Navy, thats why this CS which doesn't exist has Marine markings.

This color scheme requires:

V-22 Osprey_EA

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