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Van's RV6a Experimental Aircraft

N167AM - RBaron's own personal full scale aircraft. It is a 200 mph Sport Aerobatic “Hot Rod”, flown several times a week by seasoned pilot Jim Sisco.

Model: NinJato
UVMap: NinJato
ColorScheme: NinJato
Physics: RBaron
Pivot Points: Greg B
Speed Sensitive Steering: Greg B
Realistic Springy Gear: Greg B
Flapperons: Greg B
Flashing Lights: Greg B

3-Position Switch: 2D - Flaps (away), 3D - Flapperons (toward)
High/Low Rates: Increases Engine Speed, as well as Control Surfaces
Control Knob: Flap Amount (2D Mode Only)
Smoke Switch: Mayday!

4 AVs in One:
2D + Low Rates = "Real" RV6a
2D + High Rates = "RC" RV6a
3D + Low Rates = "Real" RV6a with Flapperons
3D + High Rates = 3D Monster!

Speed Sensitive Steering (Steering Gear stops turning after 30MPH)
Realistic Springy Gear
Flashing Aircraft Strobes (Wingtips)
2D and 3D Modes

History of the RV-6/6A:
Soon after the RV-4 proved that a two seat RV was a practical and exciting airplane, prospective customers began asking for a side-by-side RV.

When the demand became too big to ignore, Van went back to the drafting board. Initially, he was reluctant, because he felt that a wider, and inevitably heavier, airplane would suffer in comparison to the sleek centerline seating airplanes. It wasn’t long before his quest for optimization surfaced again. Using what he’d learned from the RV-3 and RV-4, and striving in every way he knew to avoid losing performance, he designed the RV-6.

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