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This is a mod of dirtyharry3033 's t-65, it includes now-operational red "laser cannon" paintball guns, added 2 cameras inside cockpit and 1 behind r2's head(which now rotates 360 w/the knob), controls have been switched around too: vtol controlled with dual rate switch, 3pos now also controls paintball guns. the cameras look pretty nice if i do say so myself and all move with the knob. Love this plane btw thx Harry. P.S. anyone think it might be better to simply put guns on it? the machine guns have quite a long red muzzle flash that rather look like lasers, ive made a gun version and cant decide which is better, i even made a model with both which is kinda neat since you get the muzzle flash and the paintball splatter.

This variant requires:

Incom T-65_EA