X Wing_HM22_AV

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X-Wing Fighter upgrade from previous version with visual enhancements.

* Air Turbulence at high speed
* Barrier breakthrough visual and sound
* R2D2 constantly looking around with sounds
* Ion Engine, main engine, lifter engine visuals
* Cockpit camera
* Automatic Wing Movement
* Automatic Gear Retract

Adjusted the controls in hopes of improving flight characteristics, especially vertical and hovering.

* 3 pos. sw.
Full forward = Vertical takeoff / hovering
Middle = Ion Engine with throttle ( can be used for takeoff). Not quite powerful enough to get you past the barrier.
Full Back = Ion Engines plus Main Engines - Now we are "Flying"

Dual Rate Sw. - Guns and rockets - Fires a given sequence with each movement of the control.

Retract Sw. - Well how about a weak attempt at shields adjusted by the rotary knob. Think of it as electronic chaff or a magnetic field. When moving, it prevents attack from the rear.

This variant requires:

Incom T-65_EA
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