Yak-54 Upgraded engine power_AV

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This is RealFlight's standard Yak-54 variant, which has been tuned for all-around flying and precision aerobatics.

for actived upgraded engine powers and boost speed like a blaze powered and cyclone is 109%.

Designed in 1995 by the Yakovlev Design Bureau, the Yak-54 was created to satisfy the desire for a two-seat aircraft capable of unlimited aerobatics at the world-class level. A 9-cylinder 360 horsepower Vedeneyev M-14P hauls this all-metal plane through the sky, enabling it to climb at over 3,000 feet per minute. The Yak-54 is much larger than other aerobtic aircraft in its class, but is still relatively light in weight due to extensive use of titanium alloy in its construction.

RealFlight's standard Yak-54 color scheme is based on "Russian Thunder", piloted by Jim Bourke, General Manager of Knife Edge Software. Russian Thunder is the first production Yak-54 produced and the only one flying in North America. Find out more about Russian Thunder at

this used by David kevin registration N2A.

For Realflight RF8 RF9 And RF9.5 Simulator RC.

This variant requires:

Yak-54 from RealFlight 7