100% F-104 Starfighter_AV

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I Like this version of the F104 with limited elevator it requires a lot of rudder input to turn the beast like the real one. Also slow to spool turbine requires very accurate throttle management on approach, if given to much it will overshoot the runway easily if not enough it will not make it in. This plane needs a drag chute after landing it is heavy and just wants to continue even with brake application. Maybe you can add it on. I am not a software designer.
I have a Freewing 70 mm Rc jet with 12 bladed fan and fly on 6 S 2200 to keep it light. I get around 2 to 3 minutes in our park. I just fly around with full flaps to keep the speed down.
challenging little jet but very rewarding. Flares nicely before touch down due to it being light.
Anyhow keep up the good work I also downloaded your sky master version. To much rudder will make the nose drop. On some models that is what they do.

I am a retired aircraft and turbine engineer with a private pilot licence. I enjoy RC flying.
wish that I had some knowledge of creating these virtual airplanes.


Bill Lashmar
Richmond bc