[84757] moon glow/bloom flicker with water enabled


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the flashing is unexpected. it seems to vary some in hertz and the ratio from percent on and off from airport to airport
2024-03-25 23_00_25-RealFlight Evolution.gif

open any airport in serria nevada (I did not test other maps) and any plane (did not seem to be related to the plane choice)
edit the airport and enable water. if it is not already enabled (water park night from EP6 is already set up)
and lower the sun so the moon is up
look at the moon


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Have you figured out the encoded message yet? ;)

That is a great find! That you for reporting it. I have filed case 84757 to address it.
I was testing the code flashing moon and now I get a printed message. :( Clicking the Okay or Cancel button restarts RFE and gives me the Unexpected Error message. (Yes, I sent the message to RF team.)
Previous to the Error situation I had been changing DOF and Bloom settings.


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Dxdiag file and RF config files, thought I had better send these before I rename the config file to get around the continual restart of RFE.


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Renamed the Realflight.ini config file, still no Steam programs would run, RF9.s, RFE, AcroFS, all had blank screens.
Did uninstall and clean install of the Nvidia drivers, Steam programs now work.
Steam programs work,...That lasted about 15 minutes, now back to an error message and no RF9.5s, RFE, all I did to instigate this was reset all graphics settings to maximum, Bloom and DOF on highest, all seemed good, the moon was not flickering (flashing out codes:)), went back into the graphics settings, turned Bloom off, fly around a little, stopped and zoomed in and out on the moon a few times and the graphics driver error reoccurred. What you see on the error message (attached) is what I see every time I try to start RF, just a black screen with the message box and the only way to get out of that screen is the Task Manager -> End Task.
Looks like a graphics driver reinstall is next.


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Is the moon flickering issue is fixed?
I cannot reproduce the concern again and the Nvidia driver error messages have disappeared.
@asj5547, it sounds like you had some kind of system/driver issue happening, outside of Evo. Are things working better now?

No, the moon flicker has not yet been addressed.