[84766] Shallow water contains line artifacts


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in the latest beta shallow water has lines that show the lake/river/sea bed. higher haze distances makes it worse (see the last image.) also occurs in the airport editor.

load into an airport with water (or add water in the editor
crank the haze distance (makes more lines/easier to see lines).
press q to enter fly mode and wasd to move the camera (hold shift to move faster ;) )
look at shallow water.

10/20 haze
2024-04-02 13_41_43-Window.png

water park 4/20
2024-04-02 13_40_08-Window.png2024-04-02 13_39_57-Window.png

sub base 1/15
2024-04-02 13_37_58-.png

at an airport wth an extreme haze distance 400/665. (I have large objects in low orbit that I want to see)
2024-04-02 13_51_26-.png


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