[84798] Some props lead to a shader compositor error, bad shadow rendering


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props turning at RPMS low enough to still have there blades showing while running cast bad shadows The Aeroproducts_propeller (A-1H skyraider) is also casting an incorrect shadow but different. a stock aircraft to test would be the V-22.


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follow up.

it seems to by tied to extra 330sc prop. after loading the extra 330sc prop during start up (on any* aircraft) load different prop plane and this effect happens. or switch to tis prop.

I also included this error because I was not sure if it is related. usually displayed when loading this prop. 2024-04-14 15_44_57-Window.png

I reliably trigger this.

option #1
open the eletrifly extra 330sc from ep7
close rf.
reopen RF. extra 330sc should be loaded
switch to a different propeller plane that can reliably turn the prop slow V-22 osprey works well. or any av from post #1.

the glitch seems to persist through the current session. if you reopen the
extra 330sc prop the glitch goes away but returns when opening a different aircraft.

option #2
start rf with any aircraft that does not use the extra 330sc prop
switch to the eletrifly extra 330sc from ep7 and the glitch should presist only for this prop.
switching to a plane with a different prop seems to clear it.

also my an-225 fan triggers this error in the same way. so mabe the bug report should be titled Error compositing effect 41Diw01xMirHOnhZ1vnL.


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I can confirm the Extra 330sc prop shadow issue, notice the "tall grass" at the end of the runway behind the Electrify Extra 330sc, with the prop not rotating, the tall grass is visible, but with the prop spinning the tall grass disappears and with the prop rotating very slow, the prop displays a strange shadow (large shadow) just as Legoman reports.
Video of prop issue.