[84915] Spin speed difference in RF EVO and RF 9.5


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I'm about ready to release a new plane (Hangar 9 Pulse XT 60 Glow and EP versions) and in my testing I discovered doing a spin from up high is very different in EVO and 9.5. The spin speed in 9.5 is much faster than in EVO. I created two 20 second videos that show the difference. One is a spin in RF EVO and the other is a spin in RF 9.5 DVD. The spin is much faster in RF 9.5 than EVO. I checked the settings in EVO twice to make sure that Dual Rates were set to HI and the Physics Settings were set to Realistic. I also made sure the throw settings were the same using Quik Edit. Please take a look at these short videos to see the difference. So is this an expected difference? And if so is there something I can do to make EVO and 9.5 spins the same speed.



Interesting. That is unexpected. We will have to take a closer look.
The roll rate is also much faster in RF 9.5 DVD than EVO. I don't have any videos, but I'll make them if you want them. I'm still holding the release of that plane to see if you have any ideas on it. I can increase the throws to make EVO work better, but then everything is even faster in 9.5 DVD. And I image the same would be true for 9.5S.
We found the cause and have fixed it internally. It has been present in Evo all along, but only affects certain models in certain circumstances.

When we release the fix, flight characteristics will naturally change for some models. Nothing should be broken, just different. You may choose to retune some models as a result.

This was a great find! Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I will also update this thread title to reference our internal case number.