Ability to toggle 3D objects on/off using a keyboard shortcut


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I've created both 3D and photo field airports of our local flying field. We have fun fly events with challenges like limbo and pylon racing. I've created separate airports for these events which include 3D objects for limbo and pylon racing.

Is there any way to toggle 3D objects on/off via keyboard shortcut (or other method)? The intent would be to have a single airport file which allowed you to toggle the limbo & pylon objects on & off without having to switch airports.


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Thank you Ryan. Is this a feature that’s ever been requested in the past?

Not sure what the mechanism would be to accomplish this… maybe the ability to enable/disable objects within a specified folder vs the entire airport?

Ryan Douglas

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I don't recall if it has come up in the past.

The Deadringer game type uses functionality like this, where the objects in a specific folder are enabled only when the game is running. We don't have a good way to expose that type of behavior to the user in a general way, though. I'll file a case to further consider the idea.


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while you can not hide specific items as ryan said. you can bind hiding scenery objects to a key
bind "a_key" GFX_sceneryobjects

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