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I'm new to RF Drone. Is there a place that has free add-ons to RF Drone available for download, such as different scenery and drone packages??



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Nothing is available for the Drone Edition. You would need to purchase the RealFlight 7.5 upgrade (if you can find it) to enjoy the add-ons and swap pages airports.


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The same drones fly VERY differently in RF 7.5 than in Drone

I just upgraded from RealFLight Drone to RealFlight 7.5 (apparently I was one of the last to get the upgrade before it was discontinued).

I was shocked to see that exactly the same drone(s) flies totally differently in RF 7.5 than in Drone.

For example, the "Quadcopter X" in Drone flies totally differently in RealFlight 7.5.

In Drone, there is a "mode" window that you can keep visible that shows very clearly whether you are in "stabalize", "position hold", altitude hold" or "acro" mode and whether or not you have activated "return to home" or "land". So whatever drone you fly in RF Drone you can very quickly tell exactly what mode you are in and know what to do to activate return to home or land.

It is TOTALLY different for exactly the same drone(s) in RealFlight 7.5:

With, for example, the "quadcopter X" in Drone there are multiple modes where the toggle controls have widly different effects. But, as far as I have been able to determine, there is NO equivalent in RealFlight 7.5 to the "postion hold" NOR to the "altitude hold" NOR to the "stabilize" mode (I couldn't say for sure about the "Acro" mode as I haven't started learning to fly it yet but there doesn't appear to be any even remotely close equivalent to it either) (I haven't tried all the drones in RF 7.5 yet but the first couple I've tried both have no remotely close equivalent in flying characteristics in RF 7.5 as in Drone despite having exactly the same names and images. There are 12 possible different setting combinations (3 X 2 X 2) for the switches on the elite controller so it takes awhile to try all possible combinations for just one drone to see it ANY of them are remotely similar to anything for the same drone in RF Drone. So far, I haven't found a single one that comes even close to being the same on both RF 7.5 and RF Drone. Why aren't they LABELED in 7.5? Why no "mode" window?

I'm starting to suspect that THIS may be the reason why they are no longer providing upgrades for RealFlight 7.5: they've probably been getting a lot of complaints from those upgrading from drone about why the same drone in 7.5 has wildly different control characteristics!

If they're going to give totally different characteristics in 7.5, then they should not be using the same names and images!

I ONCE thought that RF sims would be a good way to compare flight characteristics of drones you were considering buying. But that can't be the case if the same drone has totally different characteristics in RealFLight 7.5 and RealFLight Drone.

And it also means that on at least one of them, "experience" gained on a particular drone on at least one of them is going to be worse than useless when flying the real thing! I had thought I was getting pretty good at flying a few of the models I was considering buying in Drone, but now have no faith at all in that until I can try a real drone and see IF the experience in the sim actually has any relevance to the real thing.

If RealFlight's "simulations" are, in reality, just games with little relevance to the real thing, then it's deceptive advertising to call them "simulations".

By flying a lot of different "aircraft" in RF I have become very good at quickly adapting to different types of controls and flying characteristics. Could that be the only real benefit applicable to the real world?


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There are things like radio voice alerts, tones, vibration, etc in real life flying and some LCD indicators but it really comes down to practice and training. You need to remember what switch does what and what position you have it in.
I fly only some cheap quads but mostly helis. Taking the time to look at the radio screen can mean a crash. The various information screens in RF are nice but I usually keep them all turned off.

I'd think you could have both the plain drone version and the RF7.5 upgrade version loaded on the same PC even if it takes separate drives or drive partitions and reloading the drone version on one. I don't see that violating the one PC license.

Simulators will never be exactly like real life and I don't expect them to be.
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