Adjusting rates in Interlink Elite or using a MK x7 in the software


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I'm a noob both on RF Drone and with drones in general. Got hooked flying a toy drone that my gf bought for he grandson, then realized it was too advanced for him. After the mandatory crashes and getting the feel for it, the one motor died. Unfortunately, I was hooked. I have various toys and now a couple hobby grades that I still am waiting to fly but bought an XK X100 Dexterity as an intermediate step. Actually I bought three X100s.

First one I flew in stabilized mode until I got the feel for it. Then, using the X7 radio configured the way I saw on youtubes, worked on dual rate in acro. Big mistake. I flew it next door as he has more room with less surrounding trees. Unfortunately, after a few circuits, I lost control and it now is a tree ornament. That's why three, lol, one here and one on the way, just in case.

This brings me to RF Drone and my frustration. I don't believe there is any way to change the rates on the Elite Controller to work up to acro and when I tried to use my X7 via the supplied cables, the mapping between the X7 and RF was screwy. The joysticks were working the gimble rather than the throttle/yawl and pitch/roll. I haven't figured out if it's possible to change that so far.

Am I expecting too much as far as what RF Drone will do for me. I feel I've got the basics down on most everything but learning acro and that was the primary reason for buying the software. LOS is almost impossible at this point.