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UPDATE: The version 22.5.2 driver from AMD appears to fix the previous driver crash issues. We recommend anybody with an affected GPU try this version.

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Many versions of AMD drivers for their RDNA GPUs will crash when used with RealFlight. We have reported this issue to AMD and are working toward a solution. We suggest anybody and everybody who is affected by this issue report it to AMD as well. In the meantime, here are our findings and some options on how to proceed.

All Radeon RX 5000 and RX 6000 series cards are presumed to be affected. Of these, only the 6600 and 6500 GPUs have no drivers that work with RealFlight. All other cards have at least one driver that is expected to work correctly. In some cases we have tested them ourselves; in others, we are making assumptions based on AMD's claimed support for a given driver-GPU combination.

We have prepared a chart of driver versions and GPUs to show options that might work for you. Please refer to the attached image for more details.

Summary: The 21.3.2 driver software is the most recent version that works with RealFlight. It is compatible with most of the affected Radeons, but unfortunately it does not work with the 6500 or 6600 series of cards.

If you do not have a driver that works with your card, or you do not wish to use the drivers that work, you may be able to use the integrated GPU (iGPU) in your CPU to run RealFlight. Performance might be lower than with your GPU, but most modern iGPUs are adequate for RealFlight’s relatively light demands.

Some other potential solutions have been put forward by users. For example, some users have found success using DXVK (as discussed here). Some other users report successfully running from a secondary Windows installation inside a virtual machine.


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Original post updated to note that AMD has released a driver version that appears to not crash when used with RealFlight.