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1) Describe your issue in detail. What steps might be taken to reproduce your issue?
2) Attach your system specifications. Please, do not paste your specs into your post. Makes it very lengthy. Here's how to do it:
1. Run the RealFlight Launcher
2. Select "Technical Support". This can take a while.
3. Select "Assemble System Information "(in the lower right corner) (This can also take awhile) (This is not the specs in the upper left corner.)
4. Do NOT Check 'Include serial numbers...' Select "Copy to Clipboard"
5. Run Windows Notepad (see Windows Help if you don't know how to do this)
6. Paste the system information into Notepad using Edit > Paste or hit Ctrl + V
7. Save the text document to a location you can find again
8. When you have described your issue in detail and left any other pertinent information, attach the text document to the post by selecting "Manage Attachments", using the "Browse" button to find your previously saved text document, and selecting "Upload". Close the window and post your thread.​
Following these steps will give you a much greater chance receiving help from the folks at Knife Edge and other users. Thank you.
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