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Just had my 9 year old Daughter fly solo immediately on Real Life Plane thanks to RealFlight Simulator.

Normally it takes weeks or months for a person to fly solo on a plane without a Buddy lead. Here's how i cut that down to 10 mins.

1) What i did on RealFlight

2) What i did on a real life plane and tuition.

1) The first planes i used for her were big Trainers with ic power. I believe for newbies, the sound of power is important. You don't get that with electric planes (already a great benefit of RF).

Note each time i am not letting her swap plane after plane, sticking to ONLY two planes per day.
Select an open airfield with no obstructions and no bright sun.

Day one planes were in RealFlight 9.5 Piper Cub and HobbyZone Carbon Cub S+ 1.3m

Next day i moved her onto was Custom Red Bird and in 9.5 Bulldog.

Next day she went onto Custom Avenger and Legacy Cap 232

Next day she went onto Custom Extra 300Large and Ugly Storm.

Next day Custom Extra 300L ONLY

2) At field explained safety (sun, distances, keeping plane at height, plane checks, radio checks).

Note first day must be not so windy, you do not wan't to risk having nothing but hard work and crashes on a persons first day on a real plane. We also go to long grass or in our case heather, note NO buildings, trees or forests. Make sure sun is behind you and plane is perfect to fly, inc batteries in plane and Tx.

The rest is best explained in a video i made. Note lot's of little things which are all important. Note i try and make the flying fun and relaxed. don't under estimate the anxiety of a beginner.