Bell AH-1F Cobra_EA

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Stefan_Wulph submitted a new upload:

Bell AH-1F Cobra_EA

Bell Ah-1F Cobra
From about 1981 and uses to UH-1D Huey mechanics from RF8HHE
Simple texture BWPlus. It has basic colors to it but should be clean enough recoloters to have fun with this..
Ch6 Knob: Controls the sensor, gun turret and gun camera.

This is my first fully UV textured model but not my first model for Realflight. Ive been at this since G3 ;)
So I'll be revisiting some of those to update them amd maybe even post them here.

Many Thanks to ASJ5547, Legoman and Epsiloon for their...

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Well done on your first model

the weird shading can be fixed with smoothing groups or edge split

Blade 1 of the heli should be over the tailboom

If it were my choice, I would not use the blank scheme for painters as the default scheme.

helpful links (not the blender one though it is outdated)


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