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KEmax Tutorials


The following tutorials are designed to explain and guide you though the process of setting up various types of custom RealFlight content. Modeling techniques and texturing methods will not be covered by these tutorials. Instead, they focus on subjects specific to RealFlight. With that said, these tutorials assume prior knowledge and familiarity of the basic user-interfaces of both RealFlight and the respective 3d programs and image editing software.

Setup Procedure

In developing the KEmax plugin, our goal was to provide users the same tools and features utilized by artists here at KnifeEdge Software. In order to utilize this toolkit, you will need to have Autodesk's (formerly Discreet) 3dsmax installed on your computer. Our plugin based exporter will allow you to export a model from 3dsmax and into RealFlight. It is important to note that the actual aircraft modeling may be performed in any 3D package. However, the final mesh must be brought into 3dsmax prior to export. This is the only application we support at this time, though we have written a guide for Blender users. See below.

Before we begin, please ensure that you have performed the following steps:

  1. Installed/Updated to the latest version of RealFlight.
  2. Downloaded and installed the KEmax Toolkit & Samples. (Note that we may release new versions and additional sample files in the future, be sure to check back and make sure you have the most recent version to avoid complications).

Tutorial List

Airplane Tutorial

A general overview of the concepts and procedures for setting up an airplane model for export.

Helicopter Tutorial

A general overview of the concepts and procedures for setting up a helicopter model for export.

Airport Objects Tutorial

a guide to creating and importing custom airport objects. (RealFlight G4.5 and above only!)

Normal and Specular maps

a brief guide to setting up normal maps and specular maps for use with RealFlight. (RealFlight G4.5 and above only!)

Exporting from Blender (.zip Download)

a step-by-step guide detailing the process of exporting models from Blender and importing into RealFlight.

Artist's Reference PDF

a handy reference tool for RealFlight modelers.