Best RealFlight drone for Mavic Pro?


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New user. Reading experienced users' posts with interest! Been flying a NincoAir Quadrone Max ultralight foam quad for a couple of years ... whenever it isn't windy!

Santa brought me a Mavic Pro (good Santa). Which of the RealFlight Drone sim quads would be the most realistic for a Mavic Pro user? Most similar in control sensitivity, flying "feel", camera control, etc?

I'll be a good newbie, listen and learn ...


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I am not a RealFlight Drone owner, but I do have RealFlight 8 which has the same aircraft that the Drone Edition has. I have a Mavic Pro as well. Realflight has nothing that equates to the Mavic and its features. The Mavic is a very easy aircraft to fly, and it has obstacle avoidance as well as ability for you to create autonomous flightplans. It has a proprietary controller unlike anything in RealFlight. Realflight is better at simulating small racer quads. It does have camera platforms which the Mavic flies like. Any of the camera platforms in the simulator can replicate this type of flight. A novice can fly the Mavic where a novice could not easily fly a racing quad. The Mavic has a "sport mode" and this can be somewhat replicated in RealFlight in the stabilize or altitude hold function of the RealFlight multirotor controller but the Mavic flies like a combination of both features.

If you already have RealFlight Drone, just pick any of the models that are designed to be camera platforms, and you will get the idea of how the Mavic works. If you don't have RealFlight Drone, DO NOT PURCHASE IT! Purchase RF8 instead as it has all the aircraft in the Drone version plus a powerful tool called the aircraft editor. It allows you to make adjustments to models in the sim which tailors the model to your needs and flying style.
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Thank you! Alas, I did already buy RF Drone. I'm practicing on the "Challenges" every day. Right hand is easy. The left is another story entirely.

Happy New Year ...