challenge without time limit


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I would like to turn off the time limit when doing challenges. I have difficulty controlling the drone. I simply want to go through the challenges taking as much time as I want. Is there a command line switch or something to do this when invoking the program? If not would you please add an option for this? Thanks
I do not know if this will work in the drone edition, but in RF 7.5 there is a console command; setGameTimeLimit

You press the ~ key to gain access to the console, then you type the command. I don't see documentation on the parameters in the RF7.5 user manual.

Again, I don't know if this will work, but it will not cost anything to try. I don't have this version, or I would have tried it myself.

Please report back. If the ~ character opens a console, you can type; help to get a list of all available commands.


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Drone challenge time limits

Pressing the ~ key does not work. I second the option to adjust game time limits on the Drone edition. Would be a big help to those of us who are new to RC.


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The time limit that the second post refers to is another way to set the timer in the Multiplayer games in RealFlight 7.5. It won't effect the timer in the challenges in 7.5 and probably won't work in RealFlight Drone either. Not having the console available with the ~ means that what you see is what you get with drone edition.