Closest Mavic Pro Model on Drone Simulator


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I am just starting out with quadcopters and I am learning on a Hubsan X4 at home. I would like to eventually get a Mavic Pro for filming videos.

Yesterday, I receive my RF Drone Flight Simulator package and have started using it. Which model on the available list of copters that is most like a Mavic Pro, in terms of handling and features available with the Interlink controller?

I have already noticed a huge difference in the X4 model and most of the others, so I would like to narrow down my training to the two closest models I will really be flying.

I would have to say the Xiro Xplorer G.

I own the Hubsan H501S X4 as well, and you're gonna have a blast with the DJI Mavic once you perfect the Husban. They fly about the same, except don't trust the terrain following mode on the Mav. It's a false sense of security. All the app stuff is a joke anyway. Fly the Mav as aggressive as you do the X4, and you'll get some great FPV footage in sport mode.

Where do you live? I am in Round Rock, Texas (just north of Austin).