Controller Help!

I had this issue with the previous version and now upgraded but still having trouble so must be doing something wrong. Is there any easy way to change default channel assignment, maybe not on a per-model basis, or at the very least not have to come up with alternate profile names for a plane? I'm using a DXS and the dongle as a controller, and the usual SAFE switch which is on Ch 7 defaults to smoke every time, regardless of whether the models have that feature. I'd just like to be able to set it so basic things like flight mode, flaps, etc. were mapped to the standard switches and I didn't have to save and remember to select custom setups for each individual plane. And how can I change output settings, like reversing a switch? Thanks!
Channel mapping and reversing is in the Controller Profile. On the Evolution ESC menu, it's at Settings > Controller > Configure Controller. In the legacy menus, it's at Simulation > Select Controller.

You may be able to improve things quickly by changing the controller profile to "Spektrum Receiver (DXS)".

If that's not enough, then you can dive deeper into mapping the channels from the DXS to RealFlight's virtual channels by editing the profile and saving it as a custom profile. I have a lot more info about that here.