Depth buffers set to "Render to Depth Buffer Only" show in red when flying & taxiing


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I'm finalizing a photo field of our clubs flying site and after adding depth buffers to create collisions for shrubs and other objects, these depth buffers show up in red on the screen when flying and taxiing at certain areas on the airport.

Is this a bug/glitch or do I need to alter some settings?

Here's a video showing what's happening. You'll see as the plane taxis out, the depth buffer objects appear:

Thank you!
Checking back to see if anyone might have experience or insight to why this is happening.

I’ve searched the forum and found another post about the exact same issue, but seems like the the only fix they found was to start over with a new airport.

I have lots of time invested in the photo field and would be a real bummer to start over.

I have saved revisions along the way and can work back to try and find where the problem started, but would really like to know if there’s a fix for the issue or advice on how to not create the same problem again if I have to start over.
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Come on developers give Paul some help! I can say he has created one of the most exact photo fields possible in Real Flight. Would be a shame if some software bug undo his hard work
I made some progress last night. In the folder properties for the depth buffer objects that were appearing, I toggled the "Force Children to Render to Depth Buffer" setting and that seems to have corrected the problem. I'd checked each object individually and the setting was correct, but this seems to have somehow resolved the issue.
@SB1986930, I'm glad you solved your issue! The behavior in that video is definitely curious. Can you please export your airport and attach the .rfx in this thread? We'd like to take a closer look when we get a chance.

If it's easy to do the version still exhibiting that behavior, that's even better. If not, I presume by simply undoing that setting we will see what you saw.
Hi Ryan, thanks for your continued interest... sorry it's taken me so long to respond. Attaching an export of the airport with the buffer glitch to this post.

If you taxi forward from the plane spawn position, you should see the red depth buffers appear on the left end of the runway and if you fly or taxi back behind the airplane spawn position near the dirt road you should also see depth buffers for bushes appear and then disappear as you fly farther away.

EDIT: File was too big to attach (~52MB). Please try to download from the following Dropbox links. The panoramic photo was created from 264 separate images stitched together. Our airfield is located on a mesa surround by hills so the only horizon reference is the Pacific Ocean. Instead of being placed on a flat & level terrain, I searched around the included Sierra Nevada map until I found a location with similar topography and built the photo field in that location. If you fly off the left end of the runway, the plane will dip down below the horizon which is realistic to our location.

Airport with buffer glitch:

Final airport (no glitch):
@SB1986930, I downloaded your airport and made some flights, very nice.
Please, can you give me some info?
Your panorama image is very good, what camera you used, and what resolution you used?
For my airport (the field of my group) I used a Nikon D300 camera (12 MP) with 24mm lens, a panorama tripod and I made 36 pictures (3 rows x 12). I tried to use Hugin software to stitch my pictures but was too complex to use, so I stitched with Autostitch software. My final image is 10000 x 5000 pixels but if I look at your panorama, the image is more in focus.