DXS and Blade 230s setup for RF Training Edition


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I'm having trouble setting up the Blade 230s simulation on the RF training edition.
The actual Blade 230s flies great on the DXS. All the switches and controls work correctly.
When I try to fly the Blade 230S on the sim, the modes and the panic do not work correctly.
I've done multiple calibration and edits trying to make it work.
I thought the sim was a BNF for the Blade 230S. Are they're instructions on to set up the transmitter for the Blade 230s to work correctly with the DXS?


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Are you trying to use the DXS with the sim as well, maybe with a WS2000 or 1000 USB dongle?

That can work, but it might take a little improvement of the Controller Profile in RealFlight. Based on the answer to that question, I can start getting into how.


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I'm looking at the manual for the 230S and I think I see how we need to adjust things.
The real 230S expects the signal for the flight mode selection on the Gear channel, and the Panic function is set up as a mix on the Gear channel; the button is not assigned to a separate radio channel. RF will work fine with the flight mode selection, but I don't believe it's going to be looking for the panic function mixed into the same channel as the flight mode. The RF version of the 230S has the panic function on a separate channel.

The Controller Profile is going to need some improvement. Go to Simulation, then Select Controller..., and then edit the profile you're currently using.

The first change is that "Channel 8 - Mode" needs to be mapped to "Y Rotation". This is your flight mode switch. Click in the blue box to the right of Channel 8 - Mode and it will prompt you to simply move the switch on the transmitter, and it detects the correct input. Move your flight mode switch, and you should see it change to Y Rotation.

The other thing you'll want to try to change is that RealFlight uses a radio channel to turn throttle hold mode on and off. You can toggle it with the J key on your keyboard if you have to, but it would be nicer to have it on a switch on your DXS. So you can try repeating the same process you used for flight modes. Click on the blue box to the right of "Channel 9 - Throttle Hold" and see if you can trigger it by flipping the hold switch on your DXS or any other switch. (I'm not quite sure how the DXS will have other channels mapped for the 230S.) If you can't get another switch to work, click "Cancel" to get out of that little switch change screen.

RF is looking for the panic control on "Channel 12" in the Controller Profile. You may or may not be able to find yet another unused input on your DXS to make that work. If you do find one, you may find it necessary to check the "Reverse" box for Channel 12 to make panic work correctly.

After making changes, save your Controller Profile. If you're using one of the default profiles, you'll have to give it a new name as you can't overwrite the default profiles.