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I wasn't really concerned about badges and points when first going through the challenges, so didn't look, didn't care. Now that I've gone through all the challenges I'm curious about the point and badge system. In the first 10 challenge portion my progress shows 57% 576/1000 and then it says - earn 124 more points for bronze medal.

What do you need to do to earn points? I just went through the 10th challenge and when I completed it, it showed 24/100 points, but the program still says I need 124 more points for bronze medal. I don't understand how to accumulate points.:confused:

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Sorry I don't have RealFlight Drone, But, In RealFlight 7.5:
Challenge Points are accumulated by your Time, and Accuracy.

Badges are given out, based on a Percentage of Possible Points.
Platinum =100% = 100 Points Scored, out of a Possible 100 points =100/100
Gold = 90% = 90/100
Silver= 80% = 80/100
Bronze=70% = 70/100

Besides being a way of evaluating your skill level,
Bonus Prize, "Content" is added. I when you reach Bronze, in Certain Challenges.
"Bonus Content", is added. in the form of:
Access to Higher Challenge Levels,
A NEW Aircraft, or
A New Airfield.
This is how it is done in RealFlight 7.5 anyway.
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