end of multiplayer support for G3/G3.5?


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just wondering if multiplayer for G3/G3.5 has ended? i recently reinstalled G3 and updated it to G3.5 and went to play multiplayer only to get no servers found message. if it has ended i will just stick to single player on realflight and buy phoenix or some other flight sim for multiplayer, i can find cheaper alternatives for an online traingin sim than realflight and wont have to worry about constantly having to buy more software.

but i still would like to know if multiplayer has been discontinued for G3/G3.5


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I Don't think its discontinued, rather nobody uses it anymore for multiplayer. As a rule only the latest versions have the most people, now that RF8 has been released, That is where people will eventually migrate to. Every once and a while I will fire up G4 and find a session, but not very often as its usually a ghost town and the sessions are few and far between now.

uncle twist

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It has not been discontinued, it`s just the fact that nobody uses RF / multiplayer / G3 anymore, because RF is now up to RF 8, thus, no servers in G3.


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I've been out of the loop for so long and I was surprised by this as well. Is RF 8 superior to G3.5 that much that no one's using G3.5 anymore?