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I recently found my grandfather's G2 (I remember using it a couple times, it's awesome!) and am trying to get it to run on my computer. I am a part of a team at the University of Alabama: Tuska UAV that builds unmanned aerial vehicles (drones basically). We have a few RC planes that we will fly for experience, but we'd rather not damage them. It would be great if I could get this old program working on my computer so that my team and I can practice without breaking our real equipment. I really don't want to upgrade, being a poor college kid.

Anyway, I have a windows 8 operating system, but I've managed to get the program to semi-start. If I click on the desktop icon I can hear music for the simulator, but then it gives me error 3994 regarding the controller, and stops loading the program. The controller is in good working condition according to the control panel of my computer, although the error message states that the controller "cannot be found in the control panel". The controller itself has a flashing yellowish light when plugged in, don't really know if that's good or bad. I feel like I'm so close to getting it working! So if you have any recommendations, I'd be happy to hear them.

If there doesn't seem to be a fix, I also have a windows XP mode in a Virtual Box. If there is a way to run the simulator in that, I would appreciate any help.

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Maybe issue with USB port

Upon looking very closely at the controller on my computer, it is noted that the controller is for a 2.0 USB port. Is this possibly the problem? Even though my computer lets me calibrate it and has the controller in the control panel? Could a 2.0 hub fix the issue?