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Evolution Training No Audio - Flying Audio is Working Well: I'm trying to watch Habu Beginner Mode III - setting up your approach - for a second time. The video is working, but no audio. Pressing "M" does not unmute the instructor. This started right after I got a realflight evolution update. RealFlight 9.5s instructior audio and video works perfectly. RealFlight Evolution does not have audio and video is frozen in the first lesson. Nothing to indicate if the code or the update process is/was bad. System is Windows 11 and audio is Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060. Only other software installed on this system is Microsoft Office. OneDrive is unlinked. Horizon help is useless generic list of "try all this because we have no clue".
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Hmmm. The first thing I would check is the relevant audio settings.
  1. From the main menu, select Settings -> Audio -> Sound Levels -> Voiceover Sounds.
  2. Click Voiceover Sounds Enabled and make sure that category of sounds is turned on and click Select.
  3. Click Voiceover Volume and make sure that is set to a reasonably high value (default is 85% which should be adequate).
I'm actually a bit confused about exactly what you're experiencing. You said the video was working (without audio) for the "Habu Beginner Mode III - Setting up your approach" lesson. A bit below you said "RealFlight Evolution does not have audio and video is frozen in the first lesson." Is that different behavior you're seeing with a different lesson? If so, which one? And do some lessons have audio and others don't?
Update on check of Audio Sound Settings: Voiceover Sounds were not enabled, so I enabled its setting. Voiceover volume was set at 85%. I also found that Habu Beginner Mode I video and audio is working. I have no idea why there was a problem with Habu Beginner Mode I, but there was a steam update about a week later that didn't change Voiceover Sounds, which was not broken, just not enabled.

Thanks for your excellent advice on what to check. I've been extremely busy with the club website and flying at the lake and field, so I've been slow to read your suggestions. So far I've found that RealFlight does simulate very well the physical model at the field. We do have an unusual field on top of a hill (closed dumpsite) with steep slopes at both ends. Using RealFlight landing techniques, on final approach, I am able to detect wind compression and turbulence that requires throttle correction depending on wind velocity (click attached file to see full image). I am amazed at how well RealFlight training works and how easy it makes landing the Habu STS.


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I'm glad things are looking up! Those were some interesting issues you described. Occasionally a glitch can cause a setting to get goofed up on exit, which may be what happened to the voiceover sounds. But that would not explain the other unusual issues. Do any of the other lessons still have problems for you?

I'm also glad that you're finding RealFlight so helpful in your real-world flying! Sounds like an interesting setup at your field; I bet it's challenging for a lot of beginners.