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When checking flight modes all are usable when I chose the areoscout. But when I chose another plane that has safe technology it’s only choose is AS3X. Safe is not usable. Any way to set safe, intermediate and experienced modes for planes that have safe technology


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All 3 flight modes work for me (at least on the planes I use - Apprentice, Cessna 150, Timber Evolution, Carbon Cub). I'm using my DM TX16s MK2 (EDGE Tx) with the USB game controller and setup ch8 for the flight modes with 3 pos switch SE to select modes. Do the usual setup of inputs, mixes, outputs. I also add voice so I know the mode I select. I do have 8 channels working properly.
Then I calibrate my controller in RF to verify the switch works properly. Finally I edit the airplane radio to match the channel (8) for mode and then select the appropriate name for each switch position.
I am not using the 'software controller', the documentation provided doesn't seem to work for me and I want to 'fly'. Don't want to spend any more time trying to figure it out. Maybe it's because I don't use a spek controller.
I should also mention I've only been in the RC hobby for 3 months and the learning curve has been very steep. I'm not as mentally agile as I use to be. Someday I hope to fly an actual RC plane but for now I need a lot more sim practice.