FlightAxis Link - network access to RealFlight for developers.

FlightAxis Link will be available for unlock in the Steam version of RF8.
Great, thanks!
What sort of issues is the unlock requirement causing?
A couple of users have told me they didn't get a reply, but really the main issue is the delay. If I'm working with a user I'd like to be able to walk them through to their first flight. With the unlock step we need to walk them through the initial setup then come back and continue when they have the code.
It also is a little bit intrusive - it requires that you sign up to the forums, plus give you home address details. Even a small amount of friction in the process of getting started tends to put users off. They don't yet know how much this will help them, so they look at the process of what is involved and say "I won't bother".
This is particularly important for Steam, which is an "instant gratification" platform. The whole premise of Steam is to provide seamless and fast access to a large number of games. The "wait for an email" approach will put users off I think.
I also sent you an email today about my LINK code no longer working, though that may be because I changed my hard disk to a SSD. I've applied for a new code.
Cheers, Tridge
Yep, I'd expect a hard drive swap to trigger the need to re-activate. I checked this morning to verify that your new unlock code went out, but got whirlwinded in with release run-up.

I hear what you're saying regarding the email unlock and we'll take it under advisement. We'd certainly like to smooth the road while keeping this as an opt-in feature.
Hello :)

I ordered flight Axis yesterday morning, but still i havent get the code. Sad, where i have to contact to get code? :) Can anybody help me.


Orders generally get processed each business-day morning around 8AM Pacific time. It looks like your unlock code went out just a little while ago. If you still don't see an email from the shop, let me know and we can look into it further.
Now i got code, thank you :)

But i have an question. I hope i can ask here. I can fly with my RF8and everything is okey. But if i choose in Mission Planner SITL then my throttle is going automaticly zero. Everything else works, Yaw, pitch and so, but i see mu interlink showing, like i'm holding throttle down, but i move it around, but nothing happens? Can someone help me why?
No i guess it's not transmitter. I use Interlink and if i put throttle trim full, there are coming more smoke and looks like high rev, but it just doesnt move. Joystik stays al the bottom when i look my radio on screen.
ayuda en mission planner

Good morning, gentlemen
I have a realflight 7.5 and I want to use it to develop it in mission planner, someone could help me in this project
UAVMAX, thanks for your inquiry. To utilize the FlightAxis Link functionality you must upgrade to RealFlight 8.

Since you already have 7.5, I recommend purchasing the software-only package. You have several options. You can buy it:
Link Code not received

I filled out the form for a link code last Friday (29th), still no sign of it. Order status still pending.

Also filled your online contact form to ask about it but again no reply.

Do you all have a week off for the 4th of July?

Couldn't the code simply be returned as a automated email.

Thanks for getting in touch - we'll work to get things unstuck.

Some steps can only be taken from the office, so it might be Monday morning before things are rolling again.
Can FlightAxis Link support float plane in RF8?

Hi Jeremy,
Thank you for developing the FlightAxis Link, it's very useful for UAV development. But now I have a question that once I choose the float plane in RF8, FlightAxis Link will make RF8 crash. I want to know what happend. Can FlightAxis Link support float plane in RF8?
Cheers, Jia