G2 Lite - KEError 32496 and 32494


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I wonder if there is any one who can help with the following problem related to an old piece of software - Real Flight G2 Lite (RFG2L).
I used to have RFG2L working fine when I first went into RC modelling about 15 years ago. I have been out of it for a few years and wanted to refresh my flying skills before getting back into the air.
I still have RF2L in the original box with the Futaba controller and decided to reinstall it on a Win 10 machine. After some issues in getting past the serial number entry, I got the program installed. When I come to run the program and end up with the KEError 32496 message when when you select cancel I comes up with the KEError 32494 error message suggesting I contact technical support which I assume does not exist any more.

From reading forums and general WWW searches I think the problem relates to the CD copy protection. There were some posts about a work around provided by the tech support people to overcome the copy protection for a specific disk. Does anyone have access to this information or a suitable work around?


Can the software from the CD be loaded to my hard drive with the built in copy protection so that I can get the program to run?

I have attached a copy of the error messages etc.

Any thought or help would be appreciated as it is a shame to bin the controller and the software.


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It may just be time...support is still around, but whoever answers may not have been born when G2 came out. And I wouldn't be surprised if the old controller becomes the next hurdle with old drivers being layered into a much newer operating system....


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Thanks Flapper. The old controller still works as I have been able to calibrate it. I just need to get past the CD software protection to be able to run the program

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Trojan49, this goes back nearly 20 years but I may have found how to replicate what Product Support did for you once upon a time. Please look for a private message from me shortly.

If I were in your shoes I would probably do the same thing and start out attempting to get the old version that I already own working. That software was discontinued many, many years ago, though. That old copy protection is far more likely to have problems with modern hardware on which it was never designed to run than it did in the environments of its time. If this one attempt doesn't work, there is probably nothing anybody can do for you.

I don't think it would be immodest of me to say that RealFlight has come a very long way since G2 (all the more so compared to the limited Lite version), and I think the latest edition would do a considerably better job getting you ready for the real thing out at the field. I hope you will consider purchasing RealFlight 9.5S.

But let's still see if we can get that old version working for you with one last-ditch effort. ?