G2 works in windows 8


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Hello all,

After much struggle, I have figured out how to run G2 in windows 8 to the delight of my college UAV team (hooray we save money!). When you install the disk make sure it's in the proper place on your computer (the correct drive (D), it won't run unless its in drive D. Also many people including myself have trouble with the controller being sensed. This is because 1. you must install the program as an administrator, and 2. the program has a two part installation (as that was the way back in the day with XP). If you have questions I can try to help you figure out your G2 on your new computer. IT IS POSSIBLE, DON'T GIVE UP! Now I just wish I could get the add-ons for free... haha:D


I concur.
I was able to install G2 on a Windows 8.1 machine without problems.
I installed it on a year and a half old Acer laptop.
Making sure you run the installer program AND RealFilght itself as an Administarator will allow you to make it work just fine.

In other forums I noticed for DirectXSound to not complain you need to have something plugged into a speaker input jack, my laptop already has a microphone connected, so on desktop machines this may still be required.
Is the G2 can be impelemented for windows 10

Nowadays, I have a new laptop version

My specification laptop is RAM4 GB, Nvidia Geforce and many others.

What should I do first to install it ?