G5.5 download for my laptop?


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I bought RF G5.5 years ago. I some how got it on my lap top, but can't remember how. Recently my laptop got hacked and I got it wiped clean and would like to re-install my 5.5 but have no cd drawer. I'm pretty sure I got a download from somewhere, I still have sales receipt, box, controller, everything. Any help would be GREAT. Thank you
Take the Realflight G5.5 DVD to another machine and copy the files to a USB stick, be sure to name the USB the same as the DVD.
asj5547 thank you, will check into it. Where would I find the name of the DVD? I have also since heard an external cd-rom? could be the easiest.
When you load the DVD into the drive you will see the name displayed, for instance the DVD for Realflight 7 is RFV7_1 (see picture) and yes, if you have access to an external drive that would be the best option.


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