Here's How To Install for Win 7 probably Win 8 too.


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This worked for me:

1. Place G2 CD in drive, but don't run setup or auto run if they pop up.

2. Open the CD directory on your computer (most likely Drive D), as you would open any standard folder.

3. Find Setup.exe program and right click, then select / left click 'Properties' located at the bottom of the menu that appears.

4. Under the Compatibility Tab (middle tab) select to run in XP (Service Pack 2 or 3) compatibility mode and then dismiss the dialog by clicking 'OK' returning to the folder directory. (Note: I did NOT need to select the Privilege Level check box 'Run this program as an administrator'. That depends on how you have your system configured, your situation may be different in this case.)

5. Double click on 'Setup.exe' and follow instructions from there.

This is not even as difficult as those 5 items may make it seem, and just for clarity.

Sub Note: I also downloaded the updates located elsewhere here in the G2 forum, but had to unpack those on an XP machine, then move the files to a USB memory stick, but did not notice any improvement or differences when I swapped out some of those files (only copied over the end result of unpacking the 3 update files and then only replaced the following files one at a time - build.num drvmgt.dll and realf.sys ) but I'm not sure that it made the slightest difference, even so keeping the original installed from CD files in a new folder in case I would have needed to put them back. Appears to be something you could skip over.

Have noticed that my purchased copy of G2 was probably a late stage release, because my remote controller handheld unit is actually a 'USB InterLink Controller' by Futaba and has the rectangular plugin port with six pin holes located in approximately the center portion of the back panel. Why does that matter? It may mean that my controller would also work with the latest Upgrade Software to run with RealFlight 7.5, so I might only have to buy the upgrade software. That is far from certain at this point. The newer controllers have a reset button, but otherwise they are configured exactly the same as my G2 controller. (There were apparently other versions of the G2 controller that were produced earlier, an the one I have may have been in the pipeline for G3 etc.)

My brother is going to get a RC radio controller for himself, so I dug my G2 out of the garage storage to be helpful. We will try plugging in his eventual choice of radio and see if it will work with the old G2 simulation software so he can get some training with his actual radio. Not that I am opposed to buying a full package including the newer controller of choice, but it would be sort of useful if all I needed was the new software minus the additional expense.

Meanwhile, G2 is a lot more fun than I remembered from when I put the G2 in the garage, but back then I was working and now being retired perhaps play time is more fun! So I hope if you have an old G2 you got some help from this post, and probably will upgrade like I probably will when I reach that tipping point after some more flying experience.


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