hints for landing


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The trick to landing a plane is to come in low and slow. Dropping in altitude causes the AC to speed up (potential energy (gravity) changed to kinetic energy (speed). So too fast or too high (converts to too fast before you reach the ground) means you don't have enough runway to bring the plane to a stop.

the rest is getting the approach right: the plane needs to come in along a straight line extended out from the runway (correctional changes in direction close to touchdown are difficult and can really throw you off if you are inexperienced, since you need all your concentration of touching down at as near to horizontal direction as you can manage (you need to pull up the nose at the right moment just before you touch down - this tapers the flight path to more horizontal and slows it a bit as well. TIMING is everything.

If a drone has a gimbal you can just "cheat" and turn the camera down just before you land. If not, especially if landing on a platform you really need to keep a hard fix (by observing relative motion) on where you are in space relative to the platform and how fast you are moving and in what direction. Again, timing is everything. Slow and STEADY is best. TOO slow and you'll "lose your place". Practice, practice practice.

For GREAT practice try flying the drone around objects (like trees etc) while continually facing them. Then do it in a figure 8 around two of them. That teaches coordination of multiple controls at once which you have to learn to do trying it "one at a time" will never work out well.