How do we get position of Copter from RealFlight 9.5


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We want to get the position of Copter from Real Flight 9.5 instead of SITL. We have found RealFlight Link(formerly FlightAxis), but it doesn’t have document on how to use these SDK. How do we do to get data from RealFlight Link?
RealFlight Link is a largely undocumented feature that we provide as an experiment/courtesy, so there isn't a document that covers this. However, @tridge and the rest of the ArduPilot team have written very readable code that you can use as a starting point. Short summary: the data are transmitted via SOAP, and there is a fairly complete state vector available.

For a code example, you can check out the FlightAxis class (SIM_FlightAxis.h) in the ArduPilot project. Tip of the hat to that project for continuing to refine their implementation and innovate ways to use the simulator, even though resources haven't been available to update the interface in quite some time.

There are never any promises for the RealFlight Link, but we hope to spend some time on it once waves settle from the transition to Horizon.