how to delete airplanes that i imported


I hope I can help you and I hope I have interpreted your question correctly. First go to the "aircraft" menu and then "select aircraft" (to delete a model you must NOT have it selected on the flight field) look for the model you want to delete and right click with your mouse, you will see that a small menu where you can see the option "delete"

Then tell me if it worked for you, good luck!


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rc plane lover

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Yes, that works but I want to delete all the airplanes that I imported in one go. Is that possible?
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Ryan Douglas

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How thorough do you want to be? If you want to delete literally all the custom content on your system, there is a quicker way. Be aware that it will remove all of the following custom resources:
  • batteries
  • colorschemes
  • models
  • physics variants
  • motors
  • propellers
  • heli blades
  • motor sounds
Further, be aware that it will remove not only content from other creators that you have downloaded and imported but anything you yourself have customized as well. Have you tweaked the flight physics or radio setup for a model? Have you created a colorscheme of your own? Those will also disappear unless you back them up first.

To proceed:
  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to your PCs "Documents" directory.
  3. Go to the RealFlight 9\Vehicles subdirectory.
  4. Delete everything in there.

Bill Stuntz

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I assume it's very similar. In RF8 it's under Scenery. I don't know for sure about 9.5s since I don't have it.