How To Reset To Initial State, Including User Settings


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Hi, I've got questions about using RealFlight Trainer Edition with the DXs radio that came with my Carbon Cub S 2 RTF. Before I start asking questions, I want to set RTE back to the settings it had when brand new. There is an option in help to reset to defaults, but this doesn't go far enough. I want to wipe out edits that I made to controllers, as well as new controllers that I saved. Does anyone know how to do this?


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Can't speak specifically to your version, but my regular RealFlight 8 stores the modified controller profiles at:
[My Documents]/Realflight8/Radio Profiles
Do NOT confuse this with the core software files stored in C:\Program Files(x86) (there will be no Radio Profile folder anywhere in there).
You may have to do some digging around in folders, depending on where your Documents are stored on your computer. And the Realflight folder may have a slightly different name than mine.
Once you find it, you can delete any or all files that have the extension "xxx.radioprofile" (where "xxx" is the name you gave when saving). Then the only options going forward will be the default choices RF comes with (until you save some new ones, of course).
While there are other files in other folders that also can be deleted, don't get too delete happy, or things may break.