I'd Like To Have Your Data


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I know, kind of an odd title. Bear with me...

TLDR: Building a test-scene in Unity. For this, I need telemetry of well performed maneuvers and some basic flight.


I'm looking to make some animations within a Unity environment.

Maneuvers I'd like to have telemetry on are:

- Half Cuban
- Cuban 8
- Hammerhead
- Barrel Roll
- Aeileron Roll
- Hesitation Roll (your choice on number of stops)
- Snap Roll
- Any loop
- Perhaps best is anything that involves a knife edge as a direct nod to where the data comes from.

I hear RC aircraft are more capable of knife edge stuff but I'm feeding this into simulations of actual aircraft so let's keep it real-ish ?

Another thing that'd be helpful would be a standard pattern (upwind, crosswind, downwind, base, final). It's boring but very helpful.

The first aircraft I'm using for this is a big, lumbering T-6 which is front heavy like crazy. I'll be hand simulating that heft. Once I've got the T-6 doing something interesting, I'll be adding data to a YAK-55 followed by Jim's Extra (once the model is finished).

I wish you all the best and please, fly safe!