Ideas for resolving multiplayer connection problems

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Joe Teibel

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If you are having trouble connecting to mutliplayer, intermittent or constant, there are somethings that can be done to ensure that your system is setup optimally to work with multiplayer.

1) Make sure that if a firewall is running on your computer that it is setup to allow RealFlight unlimited access to the internet or not running at all during times you want to use the multiplayer feature.

2) If you are behind a router, you can forward the ports that RealFlight is using such that those ports are "open" for RealFlight to use. RealFlight uses two port ranges to find two specific ports to use. You will need to forward all of the ports in the ranges to guarantee that the ports RealFlight will try to use are in fact open to RealFlight. The port ranges RealFlight uses are: 61234 - 61250 and 61300 - 61316. RealFlight uses the UDP protocol (not TCP) which may or may not be something you need to be concerned with. Consult your router documentation for information on how to forward a port.

3) As a last resort, you can bypass your router and connect your computer directly to the internet.

In many cases, a flat out failure to connect can be resolved using one of the methods above. Admittedly, there are some bugs in the multiplayer system and those are being worked on. But if you are having trouble connecting to mulitplayer sessions, I would suggest trying each of these one at a time in the order listed.

If you have attempted all three and are still having trouble connecting using the multiplayer feature, please contact technical support at 217-398-8970.
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