I'm bored and thinking about getting RF9.5


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someone really dislikes him. 🤔

There is a history on these forums and it goes back a long, long, time I have seen this exact thing happen multiple times in the past. Ricky will be back again, he always comes back, a different persona but he doesn't stay away. Ricky has caused drama which is why he was and always will be banned. Personally I think it is kind of a bad deal as most of the people he had drama with are long gone, and I would like to see Mr. Delten have a fresh start. I enjoy flying his work. People here would enjoy his work and he is a excellent model creator. Everyone has probably flown at least a couple of his aircraft from his different alias's.

Ricky, if you read this, it sucks you were banned again, and I am sorry it happened.....again... Just keep under the radar next time, play nice with others ( I don't think that is much issue anymore as most of those drama people are gone) and hopefully we will see your work again. 🤘🤘