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I everyboday's! Sorry for my language...I need some information, I have realflight G5

Sommeone tell me how to put some smoke on the aiplaine.....

Thank you so much

Open the aircraft editor and make sure you have "Display advanced Properties " checked in the editors Options
then click on the component where you want the smoke to emanate from the main wing tips or from the back of the fuse...where ever )
move your mouse pointer down to "ADD" and chose a smoke component
remember to assign a servo(s) and adjust the settings/color etc.
to position the smoke component change the "Location in Parent " settings

If you want a different smoke color for each wing tip you need to add 2 separate single smoke components to the fuse. and move each one to opposite wing tips :D


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Try doing it exactly as described. For all practical purposes, nothing is removed in newer versions of RF. New stuff is added and things might be moved, but if it worked in an earlier version, it will almost always work the same way in newer versions.
In Evolution with the new style menu, press the Esc. key or Cancel button on the DX Controller, left click on "My Realflight" and then select "Edit Current Aircraft" and follow the instructions in post #2 above.
Alright guys, thanks a lot. I'm only 11 and love the passion of flying. I was just a little confused on how to actually add the smoke, but you guys solved it for me, so thank you for everything once again.
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Hello Jackson I just went and checked out your site, very nice. It looks like you're having fun.
Thanks, the only bad thing though is that it's getting to be close to the end of the year, which sadly means no flying. But, There's always next year i guess.