Initial Beta Reaction


I'm using an edited version of the Hangar 9 Pitts (electric), with an Interlink DX Controller on an i5 pc with GTX 1660 Ti Video Card.
I am not sure why, either me shedding decades of rust on my flying skills, getting closer to my "software Radio" values for DR expos for each flight control surface, or if 10.10.080 developers made tweaks to how my sticks "feel", but all is good or even somewhat better to me than v.079 with one exception:
After a crash about 4 minutes into re-kitting my Pitts several times, my controller suddenly went dead. No refresh, no cancel, no scroll etc. I had to keyboard/mouse exit and restart RFE to clear the hic cup. That never happened to me on v.079.
This is just my initial review about 20 minutes into flying after first adjusting Rudder expos. I just upgraded my video card seeking better screen resolution, but it just isn't within RFE to milk out more reality than my older card (above minimums) was providing.
I'll stay with v.080 as long as a frozen controller does become problematic, or unless other bugs show up in my basic and limited routines.
Thanks for all the work you do to make RealFlight a leader in RC simulations. Let's add some FMS planes too!
Thanks for that report, @MADCAP. Have you experienced any further controller issues?

There shouldn't be any difference in the feel between .079 and .080. I think you're simply noticing the benefits of practice! If you wanted to, though, you could pretty easily switch between the two versions and compare.
I believe you are right Ryan. I was way out of practice and didn't yet know how to make model flight control changes. I have not encountered that glitch again and have put several good hours in the air and ground lol now. Thanks team RealFlight..