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My interlink elite came with two cables, the USB which know what that's for and another one which plugs into the back and has a mini-din connector which also connects to another cable with the same connector.

I had a look through the info guide that came with the software and didn't see anything mentioning what this cable is for. I guess RF assumes that the novices know what this is for?

Can someone explain what this cable is for?

InterLink Elite Buddy Box Cables

The other cables that come with the Interlink, are for connecting your Interlink Elite, to your field radio, Buddy Box style.
(Providing your field radio uses standard PPM signal for Buddy Box)
Note: Long cable Must go to InterLink Elite.
This allows you to use your Field Radio, to control the RealFlight program.
Note: Full RealFlight Manual, is available, In Program, from the Main Menu (menu at the top of the Program). Click Help.
Check the Manual, Table of Contents>Getting Started>Using your own field radio.
If your new to RealFlight, I suggest you check out:
Sticky: Frequently Asked Questions - RF7: as well as, the FAQ from Drone.
Its like the RealFlight Cheat Sheet, loaded with answer's, to questions you haven't even thought to ask yet.
If you are planning to use your own field radio:
In the Main Menu, under Help, check out "Radio Interface Help" this will give you a general overview, on how its done.
For a more detailed, radio specific explanation, look in the RealFlight 7 Forum:
Sticky: Field Radio Interface Instructions
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