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I have been flying my HeliMax Voltage 500 quad with Flightpower 4S/2500 (V500) for some time and now bought this sim.

Is it not possible to software-adjust the Interlink Elite so that it comes closer to the real thing?
The throttle seems way too sensitive. To match the real performance of my V500 I can only move the stick on the Interlink a few millimeters. If I endpoint it, it skyrockets way faster than my V500 IRL. And keeping a steady hover is impossible. Difficult IRL but not impossible there.

On the other hand yaw seems too slow.
I have been through the Help file, except the Radio interface part which seems to apply to custom radios.
And could find no posts in the Forum.
What am I missing?

And: I have a separate Creative E-MU soundcard which otherwise performs outstanding, but the sound of the motors is very annoying.
Nevermind that it doesn't sound like the real thing, that's hard to emulate I know, but increasing revs comes in incremental steps, like in the games from a long, long time ago. Is it supposed to be like that?
Finally hooked up my AT9 radio and tried "Enable Software..." Same issue.

But with "Enable ..." unchecked, and some tweaks to endpoints and rates it's closer and probably as good as it gets.

But still bouncing way too much - needs some damper.
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